Sunday, March 01, 2015

Year 5 Welcome

This year's Year 5 Welcome was really different from last year's, mostly because there were more Y5s than Y6s... I guess it was a lot less homey-ish but more rah-rah and a lot of the surface-happy vibes, but that's to be expected seeing as it was the JAEs' first official practice!

I'm def going to miss the smallness of our batch, but it feels more band-like with so many people now, haha!

Darren taking charge hue hue

very blurry photo but I love how genuinely happy Wei Ze looks here?!?!?

Damien leading his group in interpretative dance forfeit HAHA

Afterwards, we also had band lo hei!!! Substituted the raw salmon for Pepperidge Farm goldfish biscuits HAHAHA it was quite nice actually...Western-style yu sheng.

Combined practice was after Welcome, unlike last year. I think I was on the verge of getting sick so I felt super dead and shagged, especially towards the end of practice :-(

light leaks!!!

Somehow I left later than usual (9.30pm?) and hence marks my first bench team photo!!! yayerz

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