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April whizzed by terribly fast...the scary part is that I don't even know how! After Common Test 1, school and band pretty much kept me occupied. Maybe it's because of the people I'm around that's why time seems to fly by so fast...there are always many plans to make and realise and that makes life exciting!

The stress of schoolwork is really getting to me, especially after I did horribly for CT1. There was a massive dip in my results, so much so that a few teachers talked to me about it haha. But I believe this is just a one-off thing and probably was due to my complacency and lack of thorough preparation! I'm not that affected by the results so much as the workload lah...but I'm just going to do my best and put everything in God's hands!!!

Speaking of which, I've also started to be more strict with myself with regard to my walk with God. I really want to experience God in my life and that wasn't going to happen if I kept my old (non)habits, like missing QT, not praying continuously, keeping God in second place, yadayadayada. I've started specially setting aside time for devotion and to pray throughout the day and PTL, it's been going well so far! :-)

Okay I could go on and on and on and on but pictures are probably more interesting so here's (the bulk of) April in visuals!:

finally tried Tanuki Raw with Wei Feng Kai Wen after bio paper! We went to Parliament House afterward, but the queue to pay respects to the late Mr LKY was more than 8 hours then (it was the first day) so we decided to just leave our wishes at the tribute alter at the Istana. It was quite funny, we bought a box of Tim Ho Wan paus (it was Xiao Feng and Qing Kai's first time trying it!!! Yes their lives were changed that day) and the guard outside the Istana mistook it for offerings to LKY hahahahahaha

Team Raffles Day (1/4) to celebrate the achievements of our seniors/make sure no extreme pranks and pranked in school haha

We had Woodwind Quintet prac in the morning and it was the first time we had a full-attendence practice!!! I'm starting to quite enjoy the piece we are rehearsing now haha I didn't really like it initially...oh well!

met Audrey after practice at Holland Village to satisfy her mac n cheese cravings!!! She's always wanted to try PARK's mac n cheese so we went there and looked terribly hobo-like sharing one small casserole of the loveliest truffled mac n cheese I've ever had!!!

We also went to Project Açai afterward for dessert. The açai berry bowl is really super duper delicious and refreshing! A great dessert for the health-conscious (though it probably contains loads of and also quite expensive :(

We then met Ariel to bake salted caramel cheesecakes and a peach crumble at Audrey's house! It was really good fun and the bakes turned out to be incredible (see previous post hehe)

Alyssa's birthday celebration/surprise went really well!!! She actually thought we forgot haha!

April was also Wei Ze's birthday!!! Planned a surprise for him in the morning but Avartar made it super obvious we were planning something so he was already expecting something...just that he didn't know what he should've been expecting, haha! He covered his "abs" in the later photos...grr but you can still see them in the first 2! i.e. the "shitting bricks" moments haha!

One day, Audrey found vanilla almond milk at Cold Storage being sold for $3 and so bought the entire 1-litre carton, only to realise that it was expiring the day after HAHA so she made overnight oats for the both of us and I brought fruits, and we had a really yummy and healthy breakfast in school- all in 10 minutes! THX DREY!!!

Mrs Koh bought the entire class cupcakes so we would donate and support Audrey's 30-hour Famine Fund-raiser

(6/4): STARTED KAYLA ITSINE'S BIKINI BODY GUIDE 1.0!!! It's a 12-week training guide that will help me get fitter and hopefully a more toned body hehe. Chow was interested in the programme too and asked me for the workouts, so we decided to go through this 12 weeks together!!! Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are resistance training days, so we meet before/after band for half an hour or so to KILL OUR FATS!!!!! So this was after Week 1's Wednesday workout (arms and abs) and the guys behind were totally mocking us while we were dying with the side-twist sit-ups, sit-ups, jackknifes and...well basically everything. "Huh only 30 reps???" "So fast ah we play 2 rounds of Bridge only y'all finish already ah got work out or not?" "You want to learn the more hardcore one???" etc etc haha these guys are the worst.

Squeezed in a workout at a dodgy A7-something classroom (we kicked out a guy loitering around the class lol) 30 minutes before we were expected to be at the MEP meeting room for EXCO interviews hahaha

at Dempsey Hill! Went for 2 rounds and I LOVED the coffee flavoured ice-cream hehehe yum yum in my tum tum

third third of third at Lola's Café with Chow! Ran from school to Kovan and came back all within an hour and a half! I realised we have a knack for rushing whenever we do stuff living life on the edge (of time)! Lola's was good but company was better, albeit brief. It's been a while since I could talk to someone I trusted a lot and ya I guess I was quite deprived of similar-wavelength-interaction then haha :>

went to the airport to send my uncle and grandparents off on their short vacation to Hanoi!

Week 3's Monday workout (legs and cardio). We found a really nice garden-y place at the RI (Y1-4) campus with a white picket fence!!! Totally living the American Dream in school, haha!

met Kai in school the next day for morning exercise i.e. cycling on the stationary bikes outside the gym for 25 minutes haha I didn't expect to die as much/badly as I did...but hey on the bright side this is the first time Kai woke up on time/early HAHA (dedication to losing his fats ya)

went on a bread rampage the Sunday before and brought a bunch of bread to school to eat while walking down during fire drill HAHAHA Snapchat screenshot (^) courtesy of Audrey Chan PM. I actually met her while on the way home from my bread rampage and it was really awesome because (1) she was thinking of bread and (2) I bought the pumpkin bread from mama that she wanted to try, intending to give it to her on Monday!

doing Week 3's Wednesday work out alone after band because Chow was held up at SL meeting :( I invited Avartar to join me but no he preferred to take Snaps of me doing embarrassing substitute medicine ball squats and laugh at me and complain that "can you stop making that noise when you exercise omg" HAHA

last selfie in the old house!!! :(

crazy night moving and unpacking- ended up sleeping only at 3am haha but at least I got to go to school late the next day

Week 3's Friday workout done and dusted!!! Also my first time leaving band with Chow and being the last to leave the band room heheh

Swee Choon supper/dinner at 12.35am!!!!!

while unpacking, lots of old photos surfaced and...

!!! so cute !!!

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