Saturday, May 30, 2015


May was busy busy busy!!! Preparation for A Tempo XXIV practically consumed me. I can't actually remember how the days flew by exactly but flipping through my planner, May went like this:
Week 1- Ariel's birthday + A Tempo morning announcement
Week 2- SPA week + AJ band concert
Week 3- Housewarming party!
Week 4- GP CT2 + A Tempo XXIV + Gear Up

Despite being dreadfully busy and perpetually tired, it was what made May really awesome and memorable! Spent quite a lot of time with people whom I treasure dearly, and enjoyed band practices much more than in the months earlier as well, I must admit.

Now that Semester 1 is over, I'm kind of dreading the June holidays because there's a lot of pressure to use this time wisely and I guess I'm still not in the studying ~zone~ :-(

prepping for Ariel's birthday surprise!

happy birthday, Ariel!!! :-)

Morning announcement crew minus Qing Kai who ran off for AM PE lulzZzZZZzzZz
The trumpeters and trombonists played a Star Wars fanfare while Kai and I delivered the announcement haha it was terribly exciting

new favourite yong tau foo from Holland Village!!!

buddy breakfast before a Saturday band prac hehe I'm so glad my buddies are easy to talk to and kind of weird as well

After Gear Up proficiency test (which Ernest and I failed sian!!! :() Audz and I went on a bread rampage at Mama Patisserie and finished half our bread supply within 5 minutes of purchase oops

travelled to ulu Sembawang for the supposedly best white bee hoon in Singapore! We spent close to an hour travelling + queuing but the food and service were great! Tables were super efficiently cleared and food was served quickly, and most importantly tasted really yummy too :-) yum yum I walked off with a mega food baby haha

AJ band concert at Victoria Theatre with the St. Marg's kids to support Becca! The concert was combined with their Dance Society and some other Music Club as well haha. The funny part was when this trio of girls came on-stage singing, and I muttered to Victoria, "Eh...the girl on the left looks like Euodias!" and she replied a half-hearted "mmm" but the more I stared at the girl the greater the resemblance was?!?! So after a while someone said "Wait....Euodias went to AJ right?!?!?....hooooooooooooly shit" hahaha and after some cross-referencing we received affirmation that that indeed was Euodias singing into the microphone to an audience in a theatre! This was a complete shock to us because despite being classmates for 2 years in St. Marg's, Euodias hardly ever said anything at all haha she was basically super introverted lah so seeing her sing on-stage was a big surprise!

met Sangz after the concert as well haha!

natural light leak on the way to school one morning

post abs day with kai, before woodwind quintet practice! We exercised together quite a bit recently hahahaha I still feel a bit intimidated though zzZZzZZzZZz

shared this plate of cai fan with Jun-bin but the auntie thought I was eating the whole plate myself and gave me a super judge-y incredulous look as she scooped the 5th serving of food hahaha

Learnt to play billiards when Wei Ze, Xiao Feng, Kai, Nicholas, Damien and Huiru came over for housewarming! If I hadn't hit the black 8 ball in the hole I would've won...hahaha o well

had fun playing around in the pool hahaha and here is kai being totally shameless zzZZZzzZzzZZZzzzzZz

the guys being very amused by the rolly chair things hehe but to be fair, these are exhilarating!

during the week leading to A Tempo, ww quintet agreed on 6.30am practices hahaha because we were that desperate for rehearsal time

Last day of the term/semester: went to Shunfu Market for HOT N FRESH yummy muffins and then to Upper Thomson for bcm!

a sonnet from Jia Qi to the class :')

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