Tuesday, June 30, 2015

middle mark

short update - just finished our math paper today and it marks the middle-mark for this round of exams! spent the entire June holiday slaving away at the books and I'm feeling quite drained now. I just hope all this will end soon and I'll be able to add more balance to my life...I can't put my finger on it exactly but it feels like something is lacking.

Till next time!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A Tempo XXIV

Thursday was my last ever band concert with RSB as a band member, and I guess the reality of it hasn't really struck me yet. It didn't feel very much different from the other concerts we've performed together, but there was this deep nagging voice inside me reminding me to savour each moment because "it's the last one!" and I think I did :-)

Went out for brunch with Chow at Pacamara before reporting to the band room! Feels kind of significant because most of our food dates have been "living on the edge" and we'd be neeeeaaarly late for band haha! But this time, we had loads of time to spare, even after taking our own sweet time eating and talking! The past few weeks were so busy that as I was talking with her, I realised just how much we haven't really caught up with each other despite seeing each other at least thrice a week :(

tried to French braid Chow's hair but failed miserably hahaha sian

After reaching school, we had time to lepak a bit with Wei Feng Kai, who were rushing to complete cards for their juniors hahaha

RSB room or laundry room

The ride to VCH and all the other dry-run/tech-run stuff was rather dull and we were running behind schedule, so there wasn't much time to socialise and everyone was kind of flustered. Also, because the dressing rooms were split into guys/girls, it was quite inconvenient to hang out with my usual band gang hahaha zzz so I guess I was a bit disappointed that the pre-concert party was...non-existent.

on-stage selfie!!!


saxophones and lower woodwinds and photobombing horns!

The concert itself passed so quickly! Before I even knew it, Planets were over haha. I was a bit nervous on-stage because the hall's acoustics were super sensitive to everything we played and especially during the exposed bits, I was shitting bricks in my seat lol but after listening to the recording, I think it went o-kay...

During Intermission, the band members were allowed to go out to meet their family and friends while those involved in ensembles would have to stay backstage haha so the WW quintet guys locked ourselves in one of the alumni's rooms and practiced our quintet piece by singing our parts because we didn't want to tire ourselves by actually playing, haha! It was quite fun actually and it did calm my nerves a bit :-)

woodwind quintet just before our piece haha Darren got a foot cramp out of the blue, which explains the odd expression

The second half past by almost quicker than the first and pretty soon, the concert was over! The second half was a bit messy but I think the audience enjoyed it more because we played quite a few upbeat and ~groovy~ pieces haha.

4/6-SMSB 2013!!! Thanks guys for coming to all my RSB concerts HAHA see y'all at Muse (AC's concert)!!!

My SMSB juniors also came HAHA but not to support me...apparently Tan Xuan's friend was Jia Qi's (my RSB junior) sister so...ZZZ haha but it was great seeing y'all as well!

JAMBURRY!!! Hope your first band concert was memorable haha!!! Thanks for coming though Sangpants ditched us haha we really really need to catch up soon, it's been waaay too long :(

Wee family!!! Hahaha I look so tall here but thank you parents for waiting till 8+++pm to have dinner with me after band and for all the support you've given over the years :-)

15S03H!!!!!!!! I honestly didn't expect that you guys would come but I am so thankful you did! Seeing your faces in the audience made me really really happy to be performing FOR you guys instead of just to a faceless crowd :-)

bao sandwich hahaha

Lepak time!!! You guys are rly the best :-)

While waiting for the buses to come, we were hanging around the entrance and suddenly someone spotted Nicholas' heart-shaped balloon on the ceiling HAHA and so to cut the long story short, he used Talia's crutches to get the balloon down because "Love gives you strength" and he had to "Follow your heart".

As usual, moving instruments back to the band room and all took quite some time, but after that came the mass photo-taking session and giving out of concert cards/gifts haha!

Aww last debrief by the bosses

BUDDIES!!! Honestly I think the buddy system kind of failed because my batch wasn't that enthusiastic to begin with and with everything else that requires some sort of proactivity/initiative...well too much inertia probably BUT I am glad our buddy-ship kind of survived the, uh, 3 months since its conception haha! Enjoy your remaining time in RSB, this next year will fly by too quickly!!!

Full band photo! Looking exactly the same as last year's A Tempo except with different faces haha

It's been a pleasure working with you, SL :-)

VS sandwich!!!


RSBridge!!! aka the ba(n)dasses haha

Wished I could stay to take a lot more photos but it was late and the next day was a school day and parents were waiting, so...haha. Kai also left pretty early and I think I was just so caught up with various emotions from the day itself I just started tearing up and Xiao Feng and Chow were rather nice about it, being supportive and caring friends, but when Wei Ze came he just laughed HAHAHA zzzzzzzzzzz it's the end of my journey in RSB as a band member, but definitely not the end of the relationships built through it, and definitely not the end of my music life :-)