Saturday, July 25, 2015

Founder's Day 2015

Today was RI's 192th anniversary and the school held a carnival to celebrate it! It's supposedly a make-up for Take 5 but either way, I had much more fun today than I did during Take 5, haha!

I went for the prize-giving ceremony in the morning because it was the only time I could wear the RI tie that my dad made me buy back in Year 5 zzz...but I think the tie looks super legit! Instantly transforms you into poster-girl/boy material.

Ariel and I!!! Thinkers, Leaders, Pioneers - that's us.

(actually I left a bit earlier to do get my workout in at MacRitchie hehe)

when I came back, RSB was setting up at the amphi so I decided to stick around to support them! A bunch of my batch mates turned up too and everything felt a bit nostalgic. After their performance, we found ourselves carrying instruments/stands back to the band room at Y1-4 side.......Mr Lim(s) weren't kidding when he (/they) said joining RSB is a lifetime contract!

After hanging around the band/music room for a bit, I went to meet Audrey, Alyssa and Chloe and we explored the carnival together! The Marymount field was where most of the games were so we went there, and thankfully the sun wasn't too bright! (because Alyssa is allergic to sunlight haha but update!: she stayed out in the sun for over 20 minutes today and had no allergic reaction!!! :') PTL)

We went on a bunch of carnival booth games (there was one game where the game-master was totally uninterested, just reading his book and saying "I don't know how this game can just take a sweet if you want to"...I really can't believe such people actually do exist......) and went on the rodeo/random bouncy-castle-type games!!! They were all SUPER fun and I enjoyed myself a lot ^_^ Everyone was so retarded and it felt great to just enjoy the moment and not worry about anything at all.

"hey look we are all in the air!!!"

Caught up with Wei Feng Kai and Neimad for bubble soccer!!! We had a briefing first then went off to the Marymount field to play the carnival games (I enjoyed them so much!) while waiting for our turn. 

Qing Kai fought Xiao Feng in the Knock-out game while I battled Wei Ze hahaha it was really quite amusing! I lost to Wei Ze but 2-1 is not a shabby score, right?!!???!!! Haha! We also did the rodeo and it was rly vvvvvv fun I loved it!!! My fav carnival ride out of all :-) The bull spins terribly fast haha like a centrifuge and getting thrown off is such a happy feeling?!? I don't know how to put this feeling in words haha

Then we went back to the Cage for bubble soccer! The bubble was so smelly and it was tiring to hold it up with our hands because the straps weren't very useful. But we got the hang of it and bumping into one another was super fun!!! The best bit is falling actually, because the bubble really cushions you and you actually bounce off the inner wall of the bubble suit! Qing Kai didn't ever get knocked down fact, he said "I was only giving my 20% because if I went at 100%, everyone confirm fly already" HAHA (which was also why he wanted to play against the Ruggers....lulz but obviously no one else had that suicide wish)

Not very sure but I think we won most of our matches! I got kind of injured (ish) when someone pushed me against the wall and my hip sort of twisted at a really weird angle haha but I was super touched when everyone ran up and asked if I was okay and generally showing concern even though it meant losing that particular game??!?! Hahahaha okay maybe I'm just too easily touched

After 3 rounds (of 3 matches each) of bubble-activities, we were all soaked in sweat and incredibly tired hahahaha so we headed to Raja and lepaked for two hours or so before leaving!!! I'm really happy to have found a group of friends I can be completely comfortable and myself with. Those 2 hours were really just us enjoying one another's company - no pre-thought conversation topics, expectations, judgement, etc. We may not have done much and opportunity cost (time spent snaeking) might have been incurred, but just sitting there, with the Raja breeze against our faces and talking and laughing about anything and everything under the sun was one of the best parts of my already-very-happy day :-)