Friday, August 07, 2015

Come as You are

It all started out with a leap of faith, to do what God was telling me to do, even though I had neither the resources nor experience and to some extent, courage

That Sunday, I spoke to Kylie and Pong about what I thought God was telling me to do, and they encouraged me to go for it, and offered to help out as well. Soon, a few others joined us and Come as You are became more than just an "oh that'd be nice" but a "let's make this happen".

Over the course of planning, getting past various hurdles, including internal struggles, I felt God's presence throughout. We really would not have achieved anything without Him. In fact, it was all quite raw but we trusted in Him and He delivered.

The whole programme flowed not without slight hitches (e.g. lousy air-con haha), but it was still way better than expected! The turnout was incredible - the room was so full that some people had to sit by the corner at the stairwell and from what some friends shared with me later on, the sharing and worship really gave them encouragement and was just what they needed to help them in their spiritual walk. :-) I mean, that was the whole purpose of CAYA in the first place - to draw people nearer to God!

I also gained an...epiphany (, if you will) with regard to how I center my relationships and I guess after listening to everyone's sharing of their thoughts and experiences, I sort of know how I should anchor and build my relationships in a way that will glorify and please Him. That shall be a personal goal of mine :-)

Another thing I am greatly thankful for is that there were a few non-Christians who attended! Chloe, Clara, Damien (for a while) and Mitchell were there, and my juniors told me they brought their non-Christian friends as well! Clara and Chloe did say that they had lots of food for thought after CAYA and it's a great start! It'd be a bit idealistic to expect them to receive Christ right away so I'm just glad the seed has been planted and that they know a bit more about Christ, that's all. :-) Of course, hopefully God will continue to touch their lives and draw them nearer to Him so that one day, they will come to acknowledge and accept Him! ^_^

Finally, I'm also thankful for the friendships formed because of CAYA. I think this is the first time since...the beginning of school (???) that I've made so many new friends in such a short span of time. I love how our friendships were built on a common love for God because this means our values are more or less aligned and it's easy to work with them because ultimately, we are all serving the same God. There's been talk of making CAYA a monthly thing to continue encouraging and exhorting one another in Christ, and I'm really excited for that to happen! It'd take a lot of commitment and sacrifice (especially since it's 3 months! to As) but I believe that when we put God first, everything else will fall into place.

From my heart to the heavens, Jesus be the center

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