Saturday, August 29, 2015

RSB Farewell 2015

Baby RSB (@rsb2k16) planned the most amazing Farewell ever for us a few weeks ago...yes I realise I haven't been updating for quite a while haha! Using this as a short break from prelim mugging and then it's back to the books!

We had no clue at all what was going to happen, other than getting to play some pieces that we suggested just for the fun of it. When I went to the RI Y1-4 side with Chow, a bunch of the others were already there, just lepaking outside. The juniors were being rly rly secretive and sneaking around hahaha it was quite exciting actually!!!

When they finally let us in the band room, I was completely blown away! They strung fairy lights along the wooden panels and hung a line of photos of us and there were pretty helium balloons planted here and there. It was all so prom-like, haha!!!

We played Journey to the Lion's Castle (fav band piece ever!), Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast and Takarajima. The bassoon part for Takarajima was quite sian (lol like all other Japanese pop pieces...:() so I went to the back and played some random percussion instrument haha! There were no oboe scores as well so Qing Kai and Priya joined the pseudo-percussion section. We played horribly but it was all so fun and I have no regrets trying something new for my "last" band "piece" ^___^

Then the Y5s took over and basically they planned a bunch of games for us! We were split into 2 families - Mars and Jupiter, and had to figure out who's who in the family. There were...3 or 4 games in total in which we faced off each other to get clues! The games were quite genius hahaha there was guessing-the-RSB-member-from-a-horribly-close-up-photo-of-their-body-part, competitive eating relay, telepathic/really-just-about-luck game (in which Nic and I kind of got exposed for out-smarting the game AHA #blacklisted) and the last one involved a lot of violence - taking a batch photo while trying to cover the members of the other team as much as possible. I think I got a bit carried away tho and just kicked and whacked anything that was pushing/flinging in front of me lol and I might have accidentally punched Neimad's braces cos my knuckles were bleeding?!?!???? But Neimad said he didn't feel anything so... 🌚

After that we figured out our family roles and were left to lepak and dinner and take photos and lepak some more :-) The juniors prepared really sweet and thoughtful gifts for us as well!!! Mason jars with glitter sand and a clay model of out instruments with a graduation hat!!! And RSB lifetime membership cards lololol. I was immensely touched that they went through all that effort just to create something memorable for us :'-) My juniors are really the best!!

That's about it ahaha the night was spent mostly joking around with the League of Dignified Men just like old times and it made me realise how much I missed band. Not just the people, but band itself. Belonging to an ensemble, having practices together, going home late at night together, just y'know...being pals hahaha it's a kind of vibe that's impossible to recreate elsewhere. This sounds so fluffy and gross but band really does have a special place in my heart. :-)

Afterward, Chow slept over at my place and we had a sinful supper of 4 packets of Twister fries. HAHA yes, the McDonald's people mixed up our order with someone else's so instead of Filet-O-Fish, we got 4 packs of Twister fries...oh well we ate it with cup noodles anyway ahaha. The next morning was spent having a lovely breakfast and lunch at Food For Thought at Botanics! Yes, we camped out there to study and surprisingly, did not get asked to leave even when the restaurant was really crowded haha! Maybe it's because we had both breakfast and lunch there so our occupance was justifiable :P In the afternoon, we walked back to my place and just lepaked the afternoon away because we were so productive all morning haha!

All in all, a brilliant night followed by a brilliant day!!!

pseudo percussionists

ok so when they were announcing the members for each family,........something funny happened and Nic just died laughing hahaha I've only seen him laugh this hard (think voice-breaking, tomato-face-ing hard) like three times in the 2 years I've known him?!?! But yes we all kinda died for a few minutes and no one knew what was funny but laughed because Nic's laughing was so...contagious?ridiculously hilarious?hahaha

the super violent game AHAHA makes for lovely "candid" photos though

our family!!! (Mars lol cos we had Khiam Wee maybe??? :P)

so apparently the 2 families could be combined...

my direct junior Shi Wei!!!! u cool

my section is so strange this is our take of "just do something!!!"

we cakesmashed Nicholas with cheesecake which he coincidentally hates with all his heart and soul but it tasted delicious

exploring the iPhone self-timer and pre-installed filters (the nicest was Noir)

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