Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mid-Prelim update

Today marks the end of the...7th paper, and I have 6 papers left, spread over the next week. I'm definitely more confident and prepared this time round as compared to the previous CT, but there's something missing. I've been neglecting God in order to concentrate on getting as much studying and revision done. Straying from Him and offering cursory prayers before papers to ask for His help has...not worked out very well. I just wanted to post a little update, I guess, to remind future me of this period I'm going through if I ever happen to experience this again. Anyway, I decided to dedicate some time earlier this afternoon to refocus my life, reprioritise and set the direction of my life back to bringing glory for God. I'm still figuring out how to live my life for Him, though.

Other than that, my fitness regime/programme/whatever-you-want-to-call-it-thing is still going pretty well. I'm getting my workouts in and eating as clean as I can, avoiding binging on comfort food lololol. Which is slightly worrying - is this an indication that I prioritise my health/fitness over God?!? If I can make time to exercise, surely I can make time to spend time with Him! :/

Social non-existent haha but that's just to be expected. We celebrated Ernest's birthday with tiramisu after bio paper 2 yesterday, but it was kinda subdued because everyone wanted to go home to study for econs the next morning hahaha. I've also been having lunch with Wei Feng Kai so I guess that's one way to keep up with their lives since we no longer have opportunities for ~obligatory interaction~? Haha! Meanwhile, post-prelims plans are bubbling with the other groups of friends I don't meet often so yayayay for that!

yaaaaaaa I guess that really is about it

peace oUT xXxXXx

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