Wednesday, December 02, 2015

finAl lAp

Now that A Levels are done and dusted (well, till March) for me, I thought it appropriate to journal how the past month has been!

(Okay, scrolling through the photos, it seems I haven't been very conscientious in capturing snippets of everyday life but that's because it's mostly been just studying. Either way, let's see what is there!)

NYAA Gold Award Presentation Ceremony - I shook President Tony Tan's hand for a good three seconds and he presented me with this lovely (empty) golden scroll. Ya, that was basically it. The NYAA Gold Award Holders' Alumni (GAHA) sounds pretty interesting, though. They let youth participate in all sorts of cool service stuff both within the community and internationally! I want to get involved in the GAHA now that A's are over because, why not? And not everyone has this opportunity!

6-hour lunch with Hansol after Chem Paper 2 - Rollie Olie's maki rolls are delicious but terribly expensive and not very worth the exorbitant price. It was kinda crowded but we didn't feel like parting just yet so we went to a Korean restaurant for dessert! Red bean bingsu was good and we had a heated debate over whether the kimchi they served was spicy or sour (yes we had banchan after dessert LOL) This was the first time I met up with Hansol since Victoria's birthday in September and it felt SO GOOD to see her again :) Some things never change!

Most of my non-exam days were spent studying at Hullet Memorial Library with Kai. This is him being distracted by manga lol I can't and probably never will understand his fascination with manga/anime/gaming :/

After Chem Paper 3 (hell week), WFKW caught 我的少女时代 at Cathay! I was really looking forward to the ~emotional release~ as I heard a lot of people cried after watching it hehe and so it seemed a good idea to watch it after hell week of A's! The cinema was filled with JC kids probably celebrating the end of hell week as well, and we ended up in a row quite near the screen :( but it was still good. I tried to control myself but ended up "sobbing" at the heart-wrenching bits. Apparently the bunch of guys sitting next to us were laughing at me 🌚 and Wei Ze was about to tear but seeing me sob made him laugh 🌚 Whatevs, at least it means I got to enjoy the full emotional experience of the movie!!! I really enjoyed it la, 10/10 would watch it again 8)

Hell week was coincidentally the last week on my makeshift organiser (which I used for my prelim study schedule as well on the other side lol!). The release I felt when I threw it away was awesome yet scary at the same time! After all, this piece of (by then, tattered) paper dictated my life for the past 2+ months. Without it,,,,,,,,,it just felt weird.

Dragged my parents to J8's food court for the la mian because it was just too good not to share. The chef is from China and the noodles are hand-pulled and everything! You can see that from the uneven thickness of the noodles! He is really friendly and chatty too hehe it makes buying from his stall such a pleasure!

Went shopping for prom dress with the mother and brother in town, and he got a super long chocolate-filled churro! I've been spending more time and showing more love to JB recently and our relationship has improved heaps :)

DTF with familyyyyy (at this point in time I was still lugging my MCQ TYS around and being regretfully anti-social)

Had lunch at The Protein Café outside GymmBoxx before Biology Paper 1 with Kai! I had the black pepper chicken pasta which was sosososo spicy and hot I took quite a while finishing it. :/ Have to start losing all the fat gained from stress-eating!

After Chem P1! It was the last paper for all the bio kids (except those taking H3) so while the rest were in a celebratory mood, I didn't get to revel in it as much. :/ but tea at Marché and window shopping did make me feel sane again, after the past four weeks of exams!

(Check out Audrey's sequential...fall?)

Surprised Hansol at her house with Cherie the morning of Physics Paper 1/her birthday! Knowing Hansol, she wouldn't need to study the morning before her paper so it was quite safe to surprise her then. I think she was surprised because she was expecting a surprise after the paper :> After chilling at her house for a while, we went to get lunch from Wah Chee and ate in AC! I borrowed Cherie's skirt and she borrowed Hansol's hahaha. The ACJC skirt is SO comfortable! Makes me feel a lot less fat around the waist - luv it!!

When they went to take the paper, I studied H3 for a while at AC's library before meeting Kai at Plaza Sing to go makeup shopping!! This was after he put a heck load of foundation on himself and the Sephora saleslady helped me put on foundation and powder. We didn't take a Before photo so you can't really see the change but it was really amazing!! Both of us were so intrigued by the powers of makeup lol it's basically like Photoshop that you apply on yourself :o

Dinner at Marché after my H3 paper!! I felt really prepared for H3 and enjoyed the paper so thank God for that :)

Day out with Chow as we (unintentionally) explored the CBD area watch Jon busk along Singapore River! I admired the way he tried to engage the audience when most of his audience were literally passers-by haha. It must take a lot of confidence to busk!!

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