Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Officially Licensed Driver!

I passed my driving test!!!!!!! After three tries!!!!!! With a cumulated 93?4? demerit points!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I wanted to write a lengthy blog post about my journey from BTT all the way to getting the coveted spot in the room where they make you watch the road safety video, buuuut it's mean nearly 9 months now and I don't have the feels nor time for it so...maybe next time I'll update this space hehe. For now, please try to avoid me on the roads if you see me.

Monday, July 11, 2016

TRIO Camp 2016

Just came back from 3 days at TRIO Camp yesterday and it was, unfortunately, not all that fun. I suppose my expectations weren't that high anyway because after all, it is a music camp and not to be stereotypical or anything, but music camps have limits to the extent of which they can be rabak (read: wild).


I met Peter before camp for breakfast at Ya Kun to catch up, and that was like the fourth-best memory of camp HAHAHA

Reported to Practice Room 2 where we parted ways to our respective OGs. There are 4 OGs in total: T, R, I and O. I was in I and Peter was in O. I actually knew quite a few of my OG-mates before camp- Rebecca (from Pei Hwa LOL), Jing Yi (ACJC bassoonist), Ming Ren (LAB) and Vivian (RSB alumni), so I wasn't too nervous about social interaction.

We started off with intragroup ice-breakers, followed by intergroup ice-breakers, listened to introductions of the NUS Wind Symphony and Symphonic Orchestra before going off for lunch at the Science Canteen. The ice-breakers were quite standard and didn't do enough to generate enthusiasm and hype, in my opinion. But I would cut the games some slack because the Games Committee was more or less a one-man-show.

After lunch, there was an Amazing Race which was not so amazing because the traveling time between stations (NUS is huge!) took up 80% of the time, and the station games were rather boring. It was really up to ourselves to keep one another entertained!!

One of the games was a DEBATE (of all things...). I think the idea was to facilitate bullshitting but reality fell short of expectations. We argued Superman vs. Batman, Justin Bieber vs. Selena Gomez and Tea vs. Coffee. I got arrowed to do a lot of the debating because LawSku but felt I didn't perform as well as I could have. :( I think something about group pressure makes me anxious and hinders my ability to think clearly and articulate my arguments. Anyway, we still won.

One of the Bonus Challenges was to steal the Camp Head's (Dexter's) slippers for 15 seconds.

Another Bonus Challenge was to plank in 3 different places in NUS.

After the Amazing Race, we went checked in (to the College of Alice and Peter Tan!!) and went for dinner, before going for the Jazz Band rehearsal. I think Jazz isn't for me as a performer. I enjoy listening to Jazz but I really don't see myself with the groove and swagger to belt out a snazzy, jazzy improvisation.

After Jazz, there was Night Games which was really quite bad.

Us getting dunked with water for identifying our Fake Freshie wrongly (it was Kiyo).

After the whole affair, we freshened up before meeting for supper! McDonald's never fails to deliver and we ordered $87.35 worth of junk food. They forgot Zhen Ye's hot fudge sundae and the deliveryman ended up having to do a second delivery just for one hot fudge sundae. He wasn't too happy about it. 

We played First Impressions, which goes like this-
Person A: Who is the person you wouldn't want to talk to?
Everyone: *thinks of person based on first impressions, holds up finger once he/she has chosen*
Person A: 1, 2, 3...
Everyone: *points at chosen person*
It started out pretty tame and then escalated to semi-rabak and then somewhere along the line the game dissolved into a HTHT about relationships and love lol. But First Impressions was a fun game for me because Ming Ren pointed at me for Who is most likely to get a CAP 5.0 and a bunch of other positive things HAHA. Maybe he pointed at me because he couldn't point at himself but still, it feels very shiok to have a smartypants think so highly of you (intellectual-wise).


After 4-ish am, the sleepier people left. Rebecca, Danial, Zhan Hong, Xin Hao, Jocelyn, Weina, Zhen Ye and I stayed to talk some more because we weren't that knocked out yet! Ended up talking about religion and love and I felt a bit uncomfortable as the only Christian there (besides Rebecca). But the group was a little too big for comfort lah and I felt there was real potential in us bonding on a deeper level if the circle was a bit smaller. We ended up sleeping only at 5.30am, when security guards woke up to start patrolling the area LOL.

Also, one thing that really annoyed me was Joycelyn's poor sense of humour. As much as it sounds mean and horrible (but this is a safe space, after all), I was irritated by her need to neutralise every (joking) burn, criticise every attempt to raise the rabak bar and basically make everything politically correct/PG. Maybe she feels uncomfortable if she were the target of the insult (never, because I think everyone figured that she was a bit more sensitive than others early on) but I think she shouldn't project her discomfort onto other people, who may not mind being insulted in that way.


Woke up bright and early at 7.30am because the sun was scorching hot!! Managed to go back to sleep until about 9.30am, before meeting the rest at 9.45am, skipping breakfast (to have breakfast after a 3am McSpicy would be a cardinal sin).

We had a skit rehearsal in the morning before going for the Rhythm Workshop with Mr Ramu, where we did body percussion. It was cool, but still quite meh. I think the time would have been better invested into some activity to make the camp more fun because the workshop wasn't very necessary in achieving the aims of the camp (which should be to introduce freshies to the three ensembles and foster bonding to induce us to join the ensembles as a group of not OG-mates, but friends). Seriously, if I were OIC of TRIO Camp next year, it would be much more fantastic than this year's.

After lunch, I sat in for the NUS Symphonic Orchestra session to mock Peter's violin-playing skills hahaha okay just kidding. I wasn't too impressed with the orchestra but then again, everyone is sight-reading, so who am I to judge? But I really think Peter should go back to playing the trombone haha.

I left around 1.30pm to go to CCAB for SNYO rehearsal! It was a hot and tiring journey but I made it for the 3.5 hour rehearsal. Vanessa was so nice, she helped me set up and brought me a banana. :~) I was feeling really tired during rehearsal and almost fell asleep ahaha, not good considering it was my first run of Tchaikovsky in a very long time.

Got a lift back to NUS from the mother and managed to reach in time to eat (what remained of) the buffet dinner and have a short skit rehearsal before the final performance. Happy memory to remember: singing 小幸运 with Zhan Hong and whoever else joined in intermittently :)))

Our skit was ultra cringe-worthy. Too much 爱情, but there was no point saying so because (i) there wasn't much time to change the script and (ii) everyone seemed so thrilled at the idea (though I later realised could be like the Aberdeen problem). We didn't win best skit, but I hope everyone had fun, making the performance worthwhile!

After everything, we found out we were in second place (points-wise) and decided to go all out for the Bonus Challenges to be Best OG. It was quite funny, doing some thug life sequence, burping 10 times in 4 seconds, doing the harlem shake, reenacting the Lion King starting scene, etc. In the end, we were 140 points ahead of the second OG!!

We stayed up till about 4am that night, this time at the Level 9 Lounge with comfy sofas! We played the Probability game, and just because I was okay with doing a lot of stuff, I got arrowed quite a lot and was known as one of the more rabak people. It was quite annoying to see people wanting to play the game (there was an option not to) but be unwilling to take on simple dares, like licking someone's (of the same gender) knee. I ended up doing quite weird stuff like putting my finger on ZH's lips for 30 seconds, licking butter chicken off Rebecca's fingers (apparently I did it with my tongue very suggestively?!?? lol I had no intention to, serious!), getting chili sauce squirted into my mouth by ZH, putting my finger into a soya bean carton for the entirety of the game, etc. It was fun but I wished the people would've been more willing to undertake weird stuff (I really believe alcohol was the limiting factor!!).

The game then progressed to Shoot, Shag, Marry and I got shot 3 times (there were 4 guys in the room). I know we aren't supposed to take it personally but I got a bit pissed off, because Zhen Ye only shot me because I dared Kiyo to pluck off one of his armpit hairs. Anyway, Xin Hao shot me probably because I am the most bro-like in the circle and Danial shot me because going with the majority is always safe in games like these. Thank you ZH for shooting Joycelyn haha I would have wanted to as well but that would make me seem like a bad person.


Probably the worst day, with masterclass and then some senior's sharing thing which was insanely boring and unnecessary for the camp (it would be covered more in-depth during O Week by each faculty).

The oboist (apparently a senior in NUSSO) was really bad...she couldn't sight-read even the simple piece and a lot of time was invested into her during the practice, so the rest of us couldn't learn as much from the session. I mean, that's what happens when 30% of the time is just starting over because the oboe was lost/wrong rhythm/etc. I hope thinking this doesn't make me a bad person haha. A typical judgemental musician, yes.

Will the friendships made during this camp last? I doubt so, though I would have liked to keep in contact with Zhen Ye, Weina, Ting Yu, Zhan Hong and Rebecca. They seem like really interesting and fun people! Unfortunately, TRIO Camp really didn't do much to foster bonding/incentivise OGs to continue meeting up because the whole programme was too chill, it was more like a means of passing time than an event to look forward to.

I am also really interested in ZH as a person. Getting to see the real, sincere person beneath his cocky exterior made him more appealing as a friend! I also felt there was quite good chemistry between us during the camp, and can only hope that he doesn't get offended by my insults because I realise I have a tendency to insult people as a way of hiding my awkwardness. Always jokingly, but I'm afraid people don't see that. Hence my getting shot 3 times. :/

After breaking camp, we went for lunch as a semi-OG and then I met up with Peter to talk a bit more before going back home, and that is the end.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Figuring out the future with QK, WFKW

Yesterday, Qing Kai and I finally had a proper discussion (?) about our whole relationship hahaha. It has been super long since we last met one-on-one like this, without having to rush to rehearsals or anything. I missed it! Brings back memories of A Level mugging at HML. Not in a lovesick way but more of a I-miss-the-person-I-am-always-comfortable-with-whom-I-can-talk-to-about-anything-and-everthing-and-we-always-have-a-good-time-together thing.

We went for lunch at Saveur and he treated because I was broke and had originally suggested going to RJ canteen HAHAHA (to which he replied "Walao RJ zzz let's go somewhere nice"). The last time I was there was with Jamie, after our lit paper in Sec 4 (or was it Sec 3...o my). I ordered the same thing!!- duck confit, while he ordered the beef bourguignon. Our conversation went something like this blog post: catching up on all the details on each others' lives and avoiding the Big Topic. :P

I only got the guts to broach the Topic after he went to pay at the cashier and even then kept hemming and hawing cos I really didn't know how to put it! I thought I was in tune with my thoughts and feelings and expectations but the whole lunch kind of unsettled me. "Uh oh you're making me nervous" "Are you going to confess to me again?" HAHAHAH ahhhhh it was so horrible. But it came out at long last though I don't really know what to think of the outcome. Basically we established that he should stop thinking that I still like him (do I???? shucks I really don't know!!! but I more or less told him I didn't haha) and I told him about my (failed) attempt at cutting him out of my life. I guess I am a bit disappointed because we didn't really come to a proper conclusion/agreement, or at least the agreement that I had wanted/expected. I was not bold enough and was confused as to what I was trying to say. It's strange, only he has that effect on me. :(

He brought up something I had previously never considered: our relationship was the "limiting reagent" in WFKW!! He felt that the four of us could never truly gel together and it was either the three guys or me and Wei Feng that was most comfortable. Hmm, never really considered that before, but I think there might be a grain of truth in that. After all, our entire friendship had begun from the relationship between Ali and I (when I asked Wei Feng about Ali; he talked about me with them)- could that have far-reaching impacts on our group dynamics now?!? I reflected on this a bit more myself and I realise that as a group, we don't have much in common, other than band and gym and many really memorable shared experiences. Which led me to consider some more: for a social group to stay together, is commonality really that important? How useful is it to have every member in the group similar to one another? Could it be, instead, that because of our differences that we keep our friendship interesting and challenging?

The longevity of our group will be put to the test come the next few years, as Qing Kai and Xiao Feng go off LSE, Wei Ze remains in NS and I start a fresh life in NUS. This made me really miss the familiar environment of school, where there was no real divider and everyone was in the same place, chasing the same goals, together. I really really miss it, yet, there is little benefit in nostalgia. Moving on is difficult, no doubt, and I only pray that I will have the strength to continue life forward, free from the comfort of the past.

I guess what hurts the most is that Qing Kai was the first guy (boy? man?) I really, truly liked. I don't know if it's love but I know he is the only one whose imperfections I accepted (I cannot honestly say that I liked his flaws haha) and whom I imagined a future with. I genuinely believe that we have a shot at For Ever but...well, God knows best and everything happens according to His plan. I am just not sure if it is possible to continue being Just Friends but what I am certain of is that I am not ready to lose him.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I failed my driving test

Following my habit of updating this space of ~major life events~, I guess I cannot avoid sharing about How I Failed My First Driving Test. :( All right, this is not really making me feel any better so I shall stop with the demeaning snarkiness and just tell it like it is!

It is actually really common for manual (Class 3) learners to fail their test on the first try. My instructor has a passing rate of 20-odd%...(for first-timers) so I am in the majority. That does not make me feel any better. I failed with 50 demerit points, way above the passing mark of 18 points. After much review, I found that 34 points were awarded due to my failure to check blind spots/confirm safety. The other 16 points were rather retarded as well. Basically, my driving techniques are all right (except engine braking) but I am a dangerous driver and thus cannot be released onto our safe Singaporean roads (yet).

I suppose my main regret is that I did not do my due diligence before investing time and money into a private driving instructor (PDI). I decided to learn from a PDI because it was (supposedly) cheaper, faster, and you get the same instructor so he can track your progress better than in a driving school where you get different instructors each practice. I got a contact from Yi Wen, who got it from her friend and just engaged this instructor without checking him up online. I didn't even bother finding out his name and passing rate, for goodness' sake! This was a decision that would cost me, because he was not a very structured teacher. He does not really refer specifically to the "rubrics" of the driving test and just taught me how to drive, park, etc. So yeah, I learnt how to drive but I am a dangerous driver and failed my test because of that. He did not teach me how/when to check blind spots, which is quite a fatal mistake to make in both test and when actually on the road!

On the bright side, learning driving from him, and subsequently recommending Xiao Feng to him LOL sorry Avartar (but he passed on first try), helped improve my relationship with Avartar because it gave us a mutual topic that we were both passionate about HAHA. I cannot remember how many conversations and jokes and rants we had about Uncle Tan (not his real name) lololol.

Now, I'm taking lessons from another PDI at BBDC and it has got off to a kind of rocky start because his schedule is reallllllyyyy packed and it's difficult to book lessons with him. :( This whole driving ordeal (it isn't even over!) has taken a massive toll on my personal life. I am nowadays easily depressed at the thought of how much more money I would need to throw in to getting my license, as well as feelings of self-doubt that I can even pass the test at all. I'm funding all my lessons so it is just so demoralising for me to see all my hard-earned money going to PDIs who seem not to give a hoot about you, only your wallet. And since I'll be going away for 2 weeks in June, the thought of having to start learning from scratch (or close to scratch, since I'm learning in a different car and many things are different!) is very upsetting. So yes, driving is an extremely sore topic for me right now. :(

I'm sorry I have to end the post on such a gloomy note but I guess it is evidence of how much driving sucks the joy out of me haha..ha..ha.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Uni/Scholarship Interview Experiences

This is all for the sake of documentation and reflection now and in future. Also, I suppose there will never be a time like this again, when I'm manically going for interviews of diverse natures here there and everywhere.

LTA Scholarship Round 1: Interview with HR
This was my first interview and I think I was prepared but inexperienced. I actually went for the interview the day after a sleepover with Cherie so perhaps that could have attributed to the less-than-stellar performance. Then again, it could have had nothing to do with it at all since I woke up fresh and early and managed to get there on time without feeling flustered.

I think I was sort of blindsided, because the first thing the interviewers told me was "We don't support Law" and they informed me that they shortlisted me for the other disciplines that I had applied for (Accountancy, Economics). I expected hesitation on the Law front but not an outright dismissal, so I was slightly taken aback by that. This announcement actually lingered on my mind throughout the whole interview and I kept trying to structure my answers in a way that made it seem as if I were very all right with dropping Law, and it just felt very forced and tryhard. I wasn't able to think through my responses five steps forward and stumbled quite a bit. I wasn't as prepared for the standard questions as I had thought I was.

In all, I attribute my poor performance to lack of experience in interviews. The whole ordeal lasted about 20 minutes.
Result: Rejected

GIC Scholarship Round 1: Interview with HR
I had a rather pleasant experience with this interview, though I doubt I did very well because I was misled into letting my guard down. The 2 HR personnel who interviewed me were quite young and the room they interviewed me in had a floor-to-ceiling window which overlooked the CBD and the sea (it was on the 46th floor). There was a giant round wooden table between us and I even had a glass of water on a coaster set in front of me.

Yep, I was very impressed and the affability of the interviewers kind of led me into losing the veneer of professionalism and I started talking to them as if they were friends. The whole interview became somewhat informal (on my part...should've realised that the interviewers were not responding in kind and get back onto the formal track!!!) and though I felt my content was all right, impressive, actually, I think the delivery played a very important role in shaping their impression of me.

Also, I bombed the last question: What would be the most probably reason you were not offered the GIC scholarship? I talked about my not fitting into the stereotypical brilliant high-achieving GIC scholar. In hindsight, that is who I was supposed to be selling myself to be LOL and I just blew it like that. After talking to my parents about it, I realised the best answer is actually to go somewhere along the lines of me not being the kind of person that the company is looking for, which is actually up to the HR department to decipher/try to get information about through interviews and assessments. This way, you aren't shooting yourself in the foot, unravelling everything you've talked about in the past 30 minutes.
Result: Rejected

NUS Medicine: Focused Skill Assessment (FSA)
The FSA comprised of 5 stations. Stations 1 and 2 involve role-play, 3 requires you to complete some tasks, 4 is a proper interview with one of the associate professors while 5 is a group task followed by a short Q&A.

I was in the same group as Vint Seng (lol!!), Julene and this guy called Quan Rui or something. Funny cos Julene is Victoria's classmate, and she attends the same church as the Quan Rui dude, who is in the same OCS section as Vint Seng. Singapore is really too small.

There was quite a lot of waiting time for my group and we were in the last section to start the circuits. I think the hours (okay, probably just an hour) of waiting helped calm my nerves and by the time I entered the assessment rooms, I didn't feel anxious at all.

The role-playing didn't go very well for me. NUS Med hired professional (contentious) actors to be our antagonists in the role-plays and the acting was very convincing, it intimidated me quite a bit! I think I was too wishy-washy with my first scenario. I was unsure of what the correct/appropriate decision should be so I avoided giving a definite answer to the main ethical issue, and I think that probably was not a good idea. I should have decided on an answer before going in to start the role-play (because we were given 2 minutes to read the context before going into the room).

The task assessment (station 3) was not too bad. I finished the 2 brainless tasks out of a possible 5 (the other 2 tasks needed a lot of brain-power, and the last one was a Find Waldo LOL immediately gave up on that).

The interview with the associate professor was my best and favourite part of the whole assessment! My interviewer was a really nice, encouraging and understanding old man. It was really pleasant talking to him, it didn't feel like a formal interview at all! I learnt from my GIC mistake, though. So even though it was very relaxed, I still maintained my professionalism (ish) and didn't make jokes at my own expense, unlike the last time (LOL I was really so clueless about interview do's-and-don't's). It felt like I was talking to a counsellor instead of an associate professor who was going to play a strong role in determining if I get into Medicine. I think my passion for helping others (the crux of my reason for applying to Med) came across very strongly, and the a. prof. also hinted at it hehe so yay! Job well done. :-)

Finally, the group task was quite good as well. Though our group failed in accomplishing the set objective, we worked really well as a team and the Q&A session was pretty decent as well. I am honestly just glad I managed to speak without stuttering/breaking into casual slang (as I realised I am wont to do).

PA Scholarship Round 1: Interview with Executives
This was by far my most successful interview!!!!!! I did a bit of preparation prior to the interview, reading up about PA's latest initiatives, plan for the future, etc. but it did not really help that much in the interview itself. I realised that having knowledge about the organisation is important, but they are very much more impressed by what you can bring to the table rather than regurgitating what they already know.

I approached the interview in a formal way, but presented myself such that I seemed affable and down-to-earth, rid of all pretension. I think it was easy me to convince them of my reason of studying Law and applying for a PA scholarship because said reason is genuine. I was also able to entertain them with the story of my Vietnam mountain climbing, and bring out my strong character traits with evidence, without sounding overtly forced. It was all really natural and I think that played a big role in making the interview success. They also asked for a policy suggestion and the answer I came up with was apparently "Actually a very good idea!" and "If we implement it in future, we will call you back ah!" hahaha I honestly felt that they were just short of awarding me the scholarship then and there.

Stepping out of the interview room, I was really really thankful to God for blessing me with this positive interview experience amongst the past disasters I had gone through.
Result: Shortlisted for Interview with Senior Management

CAAS Scholarship Round 1: Assessment Center
I can't decide if this was worse than the LTA/GIC interview... It was a full-day event, with two group exercises, an individual presentation, a personality quiz as well as an essay.

My group comprised of 5 Raffles kids, 2 Hwa Chongs and 1 River Valley LOL so much for diversity.

I didn't do very well in the group exercises (debate + presenting a recruitment campaign). I did quite miserably for the debate introduction LOL. Our team was supposed to defend the stricter aviation regulation. I was not very clear of what I was supposed to cover + time constraints contributed to my panicky state of mind and hence less coherent and intelligent bullshit. I fared better for the open debate where we got to rebut points, though. I think I am better at answering questions/pointing out fallacies in others' arguments LOL. As for the presentation of a recruitment campaign (Task 2), I said a lot of dumb stuff and my contribution was rather inconsequential and not exactly ground-shattering aiseh-worthy stuff, so that's not good.

For the individual presentation, I think I had a good idea of the content I wanted to present but did not structure it in a very impressive way. I also forgot the context in which I was conducting the presentation (they let us read the case material/task requirements at 10am for barely 15 minutes and then took it away from us and expected us to present at 4pm...how is that reasonable?) so the presentation was rather shaky. I gave my presentation as if it were a press conference while other people treated it as a gather-and-regroup kind of session within company management so ya, can see how far off tangent I went lol. Furthermore, the assessors looked bored and disapproving. That REALLY affected my morale and shook my confidence. I think as a spoke, I just lost faith in myself, gave up thinking logically and spun out a lot of superfluous speak without any real substance behind my words. Yeeuuuuugggghhhhh.

Afterward, I just did the personality test, finished the essay and left lol I gave up on CAAS entirely, after the two group exercises. I was so tempted to just leave then and there, but stayed on because I am just not that sort of person. But I have accepted that CAAS is most likely a gone cause for me now. Which is all right, actually, because even during the application period, I never placed a high priority on CAAS. I guess what I'm really bitter about is the $4.30 travel fare to and fro Changi LOL (not to mention time spent travelling and time spent away from internship at LAB which I actually really enjoy :<)

WDA Scholarship Round 1: Assessment Center
I performed rather average for this assessment. I highly highly highly suspect that it has to do with my interview saturation hahaha in the past 4 days alone, I've been to 3 interviews! No wonder when my other group mates were getting jittery before our presentation/essay test, I didn't feel a thing. I don't think that is a good thing, though. I hope the next 3 days of rest (only have Medicine SJT!) will be enough for me to regain my fervour and enthusiasm to ace the NUS Law interview. :-) ANYWAY, I digress.

The profile of scholarship applicants for the WDA Scholarship was rather different from previous interviews/assessments I attended. Usually, there would be a massive number of Raffles people (more RI than HC, in my experience haha maybe they group us all together) but today, I was the only one from RI lolol. There were more neighbourhood JCs represented on my assessment day. Not implying anything, just an interesting observation.

The programme for the WDA Scholarship Assessment was rather straightforward: an essay test followed by a group presentation. Both tasks were related to WDA's business and it was honestly rather school-like. Not very exciting nor interesting because we were not given enough time to fully understand the matter and formulate insightful suggestions or perspectives. Time pressure is a very real thing! Something I hope to get over, or at least play down its effects, over the course of this whole interviewing experience.

The essay test was okay. I had a lot of ideas but could not really think through them as much as I would have liked to, and ended up with a rather mediocre essay with not much insight, I feel. The presentation was a bit better.....I was able to deliver what I had to say in a professional and (I think) engaging manner hehe even though content-wise, I was making everything up as I went along. Really yolo but I think I dealt with it quite well. :)

As a whole, though, I am not very confident about my chances and also not very enthusiastic about the WDA's work. So I guess I will not mind getting rejected by them, just that it will sting a bit (to the ego) lol.
Result: Shortlisted for Interview with Senior Management

NUS Law Interview
I was not very nervous for the interview and did not go in with the "This is it...it's do or die!" mentality, which was a good thing I think. I hope to emulate this for my subsequent interviews and tests, but not at the expense of treating it flippantly. There were about 10 interview rooms, each with 2 interviewers. My interviewers were an Indian man and a Chinese lady.

I think my interview was very difficult. I wrote about Stiglitz's Theory of Moral Hazard in my personal essay and got asked about it. Thankfully I genuinely enjoyed that topic in H3 because I was able to rattle on about adverse selection, but forgot about ex-ante and ex-post moral hazard then. It was okay though, because I explained adverse selection rather comprehensively and showed that the ideas in my PS were not just copied off the Internet.

Next, they threw me the typical scenario that people ask aspiring lawyers: if you were assigned to represent a person who raped a 14 year-old girl and he wants to get acquitted, would you present your best case to the judge and get him acquitted (any other outcome would imply you are not an excellent lawyer)? I could not really answer this. My usual answer of "giving him a fair trial" didn't hold water because the interviewer threw this back at me: It is not your job to decide if the outcome is fair or not, it is your job to paint his case in the best possible light and get him acquitted. Would you do it? That stumped me and a hemmed and hawed a bit, so he gave me another scenario.

Another typical one, regarding assisted suicide. You can probably guess what the context was: You are the doctor and a terminally ill patient with no kith nor kin asks you to help her die. Would you kill her? Those were his exact words, and I replied with "You mean would I assist her to die?" and the other interviewer chuckled. Yay, lawyer brownie points! Hahaha. Anyway, I also took really long to think about it. Whenever I tried to justify my answer (No), the Indian interviewer would question me and sort of guilt-trip me into doubting myself. It was really tough and I was sweating in my blazer. All the cool and collectedness disappeared. Well, most of it anyway.

Sensing my struggle, he threw out yet another scenario: You are a sergeant in a dictatorial regime, and your commander has just ordered you to shoot 5 village children as a means to instil fear in the village. Do you go against his orders? I managed to justify myself (finally!): I would not shoot them, because my decision does not really affect the final outcome. If I don't shoot them, they will get someone else to. Either way, the children die. But I would not do it because it goes against my personal ethics and code of conduct. I could never stand to kill someone. I linked this argument to the medical situation and to my great relief, the Indian interviewer said "OK, that sounds reasonable, so that is the consistency". I don't know if it is because he wanted a way to end the session or what but I was quite encouraged by that. :~) hopefully not naively so, haha.

So, I think I muddled my NUS Law interview but saved myself (a little) at the end. I hope this is enough.
Result: Offered

SMU Law Interview
It was a group interview of 3 candidates to 2 interviewers. I was with Rahul (Qing Kai's friend whom we saw quite often at HML during the A Level mugging days!) and this Hwa Chong guy called...I forgot his name lol. It was a Saturday morning and I had not quite woken up yet, nor was I very much recovered from our BS Group outing the night before (where we drunk Japanese beer and I couldn't tell if I was drunk or not LOL), so I wasn't too optimistic about my performance.

As soon as we stepped into the interview room, shit got real. The conversation plunged straight into insightful discussion and debate, which I was not very ready for at 9.15am haha. My brain was honestly kind of filled with fluff, but I managed to hold my arguments up with logical points and evidence. Thank God for my experience at the Legal Aid Bureau, from which I drew a lot of "insightful" and valid points and examples! Our conversation was centred very much on systems efficiency in the legal industry because I mistakenly used that as my "something that interests you in the course of your study or experiences", and Rahul was apparently very into business and technology. I think I was saved because while we were discussing how technology could eradicate or expand the scope of a paralegal's duties, the HC guy paused the conversation and said "Sorry, I'm not following the discussion. What is a paralegal?"...........

I'm not dissing this dude because he is entirely in the right to ask for clarification because he could be in trouble if asked a question about paralegals- it's always better to admit what you don't know and give a more well-thought out answer as compared to bullshitting your way through. BUT, not knowing what a paralegal is when you claim to be "passionate" in a career in Law??? Hmm, looks like someone didn't do his due diligence. It can really go either way, but I think it doesn't reflect too well on him haha so it made Rahul and I look better in comparison.

At the end of the interview, though, I was not too satisfied with my performance (I was asked the first question and more or less directed the conversation to SYSTEMS EFFICIENCY lol what a waste because this was a subject I felt was difficult for me to impress with). But it was the last interview for University admissions so I was glad it was over and done with!
Result: Offered

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Photo journal: Jan 2016 to mid-March 2016

Spontaneous high-tea buffet with the parents at Marriott Café

During work, there was a huge birthday celebration for a bunch of kids and the extent to which their parents decorated the place was impressive! The theme was Star Wars (duh) and they even brought a makeshift photobooth, complete with background and props and all.

Reunion dinner with the mother's side of the family

Reunion dinner with paternal grandparents

Worked the 初夕 (is it??) shift at Peony Jade at Keppel Club. It was so tiring working at a proper Chinese restaurant!! I slipped on a puddle of oil and fell, bruising my knees rather badly. :( Worst part was, I fell while holding a teapot on my way to pour tea for one of the tables and everyone saw me fall LOL. Miraculously, the teapot survived.

WFKW celebrates CNY across 3 countries :)

Reunion lunch with my mom's old church youth group friends. Something interesting: My third aunt suggested Aunty Grace (first row far right) rent out her flat and moving in to her condo in Bedok because it's nearer for her son to go to school, and the last I heard, she actually did it!! LOL.

Met Cheryl for dinner at Wildfire before SNYO rehearsal!

SITU Annual CNY Visiting

I remember this bus ride from CCAB (YO) to SOTA (OMM) hehe it was nice

My last shift with TCC Group!! (I think...) I was Isabel for a night lol. This was on Valentine's Day (Night) :(

Adam Road Prawn Noodles with Alison before SNYO rehearsal! I think this was the first attempt at SingaporeaniseAli but the whole thing isn't really working out.

A Lync chat with Soo Chin, one of my supervisors at IE.

Night out with Chow!! Had the most delicious churros and walked around Orchard just talking :~) When she was trying stuff on at Editor's, I bumped into Ms Soh!! She said she has a Y5 student who looks like me so every time she sees her, she feels like calling "Jin-wen" HAHA!

Riverside Indonesian BBQ with Alison!! Second attempt at SingaporeaniseAli but again, it's not looking too good.

Treated the family to lunch at Little Diner after receiving my first (cash) paycheque from TCC Group! The food is DELICIOUS but so very expensive. Okay, actually only the truffled mac and cheese is worth it LOL.

Chrysanthemum tea from Kok Yong and bak kwa from Soon Poh, my colleagues at IE! They aren't in my department and have no obligation to interact with me so these small gestures of hospitality (I felt like a visitor at IE lol)/goodwill were very heartwarming :)

Brunch at Paddington House of Pancakes with WFKW! Insisted on them coming all the way to Farrer Park for me hehehe this is the only conceivable way in which I can effectively harness my female powers to get my way in our group zzz

Bassoon masterclass with Giorgio Versiglia, Emerald's Italian tutor who came to Singapore for a few days! It cost be about $60 and I didn't benefit all that much from it...ah well. One of my many poor financial decisions this break. :'(

My supervisors at IE treated me to lunch at Victor's Kitchen on my last day! :)

The giant RSB teddy bear in the RSB store hehe (I went back to self-prac on results day; see my A Level results post below/above I'm not too sure)

Oovoo with Hansol in RI canteen LOL

Bel and Nicole gave us brownies!! I was so touched :') Again, see my A Level result post lol I am too lazy to repeat all my captions!!

Wang Pei get out of the picture HAHA but ok la it balanced the ratio here hmm

League of Dignified Men

Photo quality sucks!!1

Ms Hor :)

Ms Soh :)

Mrs Kwie :)

Haha thank you Raffles Photog for capturing this!! Which my arm was less awkward tho

B9 Woodwinds!

B9 bassoons

cropped cos arm too fat and face too ugly

cheese-topped oysters at the buffet at Hotel Jen Tanglin (these were SUPER good) My brother, who doesn't eat oysters, finished more than 10 of these.

Peter and Nic's POP

My first McSpicy, and the beginning of a love story

My first legit GymmBoxx session with the guys- spent 3 hours in the gym and clocked over 269%ish on my Polar tracker wew!

Korean spicy ramen with Sang Ah

ETWG with papa wee

got my hair permed at this salon recommended by Mama Kwok haha apparently she has been a loyal customer of this particular stylist for over a decade, and throughout the session, we talked about Qing Kai when he was a little boy LOL

Best foods in Johor!

went for a mini foodventure in the East with papa wee and bro wee where we had the most delicious black carrot cake I have ever eaten

faceswap on his birthday! HPBD bro wee!!

KBBQ with Nic and Avartar was rather upsetting because I ate more than the guys hahahaha oh dear

One of the best sections I've ever performed with :)

rly like this photo leh, a pity my face was captured in an unflattering angle HAHAHA


New friend!!!!!!

Emma my first tutee hehe she has really opened up to me and that's lovely but too bad I'm not so familiar with the American school system and curriculum so I find it difficult to help her improve in her school's exams :(

That's all!!