Thursday, January 14, 2016

End Dec/Early Jan

(25/12) Impromptu meet with Chow at Bedok Mall to finish Christmas errands and drink this Vodka Mudshake which we do not love, contrary to the background in the photo.

(26-27/12) Annual NavTeens Christmas sleepover!! This year, we slept about 20 minutes more than last year, not too shabby.

(27/12) Belated birthday dinner buffet at Rise at Marina Bay Sands. The buffet spread was so incredible, I'm so upset that my appetite is getting smaller and smaller. :(

(30/12) Celebrating Jam's birthday at Cedele at HillV2!!! Actually we are all December babies (and can you believe Sangz is the oldest LUL) so it was kinda everyone's celebration too :o)

(30/12) WFKW minus Ali takes the kitchen!! Spammed herbs into our otherwise-bland pasta and added too much salt, which we remedied by adding more pasta since greater volume results in lower concentration. What nerds. HAHAHA. #WhyRaffles

Our men emerged as victors at billiards against a team of Sec 3 boys after an rocky start.

(1/1) Celebrated my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary at the same restaurant they held their wedding banquet!

(4/1) Travelled to the other end of Singapore (with the heartache-inducing Adult travel fare) to see the RSBoys off to Tekong, and then spent the day with Avartar running errands, borrowing lighters to light imaginary cakes and shamelessly hogging bread samples.

(5/1) Korean spicy ramen lunch date with Hansol from Korea

Spent many days like this trying to get a tan. Am now about half a shade darker.

(7/1) Lunch date with Esther followed by a (really quick) trip to the National Gallery where we were amused by mostly kiddie exhibits and activities HAHA

(8/1) Went back to visit St. Marg's (for the yong tau foo mostly) with Naasyidah and Sangz and then went back to my place to gym!!

(Either 9 or 10/1) Salad buffet at IMM!!!!!! Was really yumza though most of the food were quite low-value hahaha

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