Sunday, January 17, 2016


I decided to privatise this space a few days ago and invite a few of my closest trusted friends only! This blog has been quite a journey, beginning as a space for me to literally write about my day (how boring) and really put my thoughts out there, unfiltered. I still get a kick out of reading my older posts haha to think that I was once so...young. :o Then it became a quasi-food blog because I realised food photos get the most likes on Instagram and most views and referrals from search engines. That lasted for a year or so before I became bored of food, and ventured into posting recipes. Which aren't always original so I guess it wasn't very exciting for me. And now, it's really a place I write. Sometimes for no reason at all. I find that writing (well, typing) helps me to consolidate my thoughts and listen to my heart. While putting my thoughts into words, I am provoked into thinking and probing myself further, and it's always nice to have these thoughts documented and preserved somewhere future Me can re-read for fun.

So yes, privatising my blog means a loooot less hits (I should probably remove the stat board at the side lol) but I think it's much much much much much safer that way. After all, I trust you guys.

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