Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Photo journal: Jan 2016 to mid-March 2016

Spontaneous high-tea buffet with the parents at Marriott Café

During work, there was a huge birthday celebration for a bunch of kids and the extent to which their parents decorated the place was impressive! The theme was Star Wars (duh) and they even brought a makeshift photobooth, complete with background and props and all.

Reunion dinner with the mother's side of the family

Reunion dinner with paternal grandparents

Worked the 初夕 (is it??) shift at Peony Jade at Keppel Club. It was so tiring working at a proper Chinese restaurant!! I slipped on a puddle of oil and fell, bruising my knees rather badly. :( Worst part was, I fell while holding a teapot on my way to pour tea for one of the tables and everyone saw me fall LOL. Miraculously, the teapot survived.

WFKW celebrates CNY across 3 countries :)

Reunion lunch with my mom's old church youth group friends. Something interesting: My third aunt suggested Aunty Grace (first row far right) rent out her flat and moving in to her condo in Bedok because it's nearer for her son to go to school, and the last I heard, she actually did it!! LOL.

Met Cheryl for dinner at Wildfire before SNYO rehearsal!

SITU Annual CNY Visiting

I remember this bus ride from CCAB (YO) to SOTA (OMM) hehe it was nice

My last shift with TCC Group!! (I think...) I was Isabel for a night lol. This was on Valentine's Day (Night) :(

Adam Road Prawn Noodles with Alison before SNYO rehearsal! I think this was the first attempt at SingaporeaniseAli but the whole thing isn't really working out.

A Lync chat with Soo Chin, one of my supervisors at IE.

Night out with Chow!! Had the most delicious churros and walked around Orchard just talking :~) When she was trying stuff on at Editor's, I bumped into Ms Soh!! She said she has a Y5 student who looks like me so every time she sees her, she feels like calling "Jin-wen" HAHA!

Riverside Indonesian BBQ with Alison!! Second attempt at SingaporeaniseAli but again, it's not looking too good.

Treated the family to lunch at Little Diner after receiving my first (cash) paycheque from TCC Group! The food is DELICIOUS but so very expensive. Okay, actually only the truffled mac and cheese is worth it LOL.

Chrysanthemum tea from Kok Yong and bak kwa from Soon Poh, my colleagues at IE! They aren't in my department and have no obligation to interact with me so these small gestures of hospitality (I felt like a visitor at IE lol)/goodwill were very heartwarming :)

Brunch at Paddington House of Pancakes with WFKW! Insisted on them coming all the way to Farrer Park for me hehehe this is the only conceivable way in which I can effectively harness my female powers to get my way in our group zzz

Bassoon masterclass with Giorgio Versiglia, Emerald's Italian tutor who came to Singapore for a few days! It cost be about $60 and I didn't benefit all that much from it...ah well. One of my many poor financial decisions this break. :'(

My supervisors at IE treated me to lunch at Victor's Kitchen on my last day! :)

The giant RSB teddy bear in the RSB store hehe (I went back to self-prac on results day; see my A Level results post below/above I'm not too sure)

Oovoo with Hansol in RI canteen LOL

Bel and Nicole gave us brownies!! I was so touched :') Again, see my A Level result post lol I am too lazy to repeat all my captions!!

Wang Pei get out of the picture HAHA but ok la it balanced the ratio here hmm

League of Dignified Men

Photo quality sucks!!1

Ms Hor :)

Ms Soh :)

Mrs Kwie :)

Haha thank you Raffles Photog for capturing this!! Which my arm was less awkward tho

B9 Woodwinds!

B9 bassoons

cropped cos arm too fat and face too ugly

cheese-topped oysters at the buffet at Hotel Jen Tanglin (these were SUPER good) My brother, who doesn't eat oysters, finished more than 10 of these.

Peter and Nic's POP

My first McSpicy, and the beginning of a love story

My first legit GymmBoxx session with the guys- spent 3 hours in the gym and clocked over 269%ish on my Polar tracker wew!

Korean spicy ramen with Sang Ah

ETWG with papa wee

got my hair permed at this salon recommended by Mama Kwok haha apparently she has been a loyal customer of this particular stylist for over a decade, and throughout the session, we talked about Qing Kai when he was a little boy LOL

Best foods in Johor!

went for a mini foodventure in the East with papa wee and bro wee where we had the most delicious black carrot cake I have ever eaten

faceswap on his birthday! HPBD bro wee!!

KBBQ with Nic and Avartar was rather upsetting because I ate more than the guys hahahaha oh dear

One of the best sections I've ever performed with :)

rly like this photo leh, a pity my face was captured in an unflattering angle HAHAHA


New friend!!!!!!

Emma my first tutee hehe she has really opened up to me and that's lovely but too bad I'm not so familiar with the American school system and curriculum so I find it difficult to help her improve in her school's exams :(

That's all!!

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