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A Level results (4 March 2016)

I feel the need to document this experience so I can look back on it in future. Memories are priceless and I'd like to keep them as fresh as (my forgetful mind) can. :-)

I had driving lesson in the morning, and on the drive back to Junction 8, we passed by Mrs Kwie driving out of Rafflesia and I waved to her! She looked really surprised, I mean, of all places to see an ex-student, right?!?? I asked her if she had seen me later when I collected my results, and she said "Yeah, I was wondering who was that driving so slowly!" lol

After driving, I walked back to RI and took the keys to the band room to practice for that evening's concert with OMM (Beethoven's Ninth Symphony)! I texted Mr Derek Lim the night before to ask for permission, at a really ungodly hour (11+pm), and was filled with relief when he replied "Sure, no worries :)" WITH A SMILEY FACE. After 2 years of liaising with him, it finally felt a bit more comfortable and not-awkward :') So I was happily self-practicing for an hour and a half or so, before going for lunch with Avartar and Peter at RI canteen.

It was super duper crowded at RI canteen, with RI boys and J3s alike. I tried to Oovoo with Hansol but to no avail because I didn't have earphones and literally could not hear a thing she was saying. So I just wished her all the best and promised to WhatsApp call her after! (She was still in Korea then)

Bel and Nicole came by when we were just chilling and talked to us for a bit, before we all left toward the Y5-6 campus. At the canteen walkway, there were a bunch of Raffles Entrepreneur Network (??) kids selling the OOS Raffles shirts!!! One of my biggest regrets in Raffles was not buying the shirt in Nov 2013 thinking I would have lots of time to after I entered JC, when the school suddenly announced that they would cease the selling of those shirts...zzz... So I (very charmingly, I may add) persuaded the REN guys to sell us (WFKW) the shirts (which were supposedly reserved for another order of some sort) and we got them! So that was one good thing to come out of the day, if all else goes south.

The canteen was really crowded and chaotic, not a good place to ~chill~ so we went to the lounge outside the General Office/College Guidance Center to calm our nerves and eat the P.Osh brownies Bel and Nicole so sweetly bought us (I was so touched because 1) the brownies were expensive 2) they had no obligation to 3) I wasn't even that close to them and 4) awww!!!! the thought is really so so sweet).

Alison joined us after having lunch with his mother, and we just sat there shitting bricks before walking to the MPH. It was quite funny because he was the only one smartly dressed, in a long-sleeved shirt, belt and pants. The rest of us were in T-shirts and shorts/Bermudas. Poised for success, I see...hahaha!

We were one of the later few who entered the MPH so we had to sit in a corner at the back. Mr Chan (Poh Meng) announced some general statistics of our performance and no one was really interested, because it is expected that Raffles does well as a whole. Most people are more interested in whether they are among the majority who did well or not. When Mr Chan announced that we had 82 (if I'm not wrong) students scoring 8 Distinctions, I jokingly told Alison that I was one of them. This is interesting because I was, but then I really just said that in jest because I was so sure I would not get a perfect score. But nonetheless, something worth remembering I feel!! After all the statistics were announced and the usual speech (can't even remember what he said) made, we all rose to sing the Institution Anthem for the last time. It finally sunk in that this would be my Last RJ Event and I was genuinely a bit sad. RJ was an absolute whirlwind and I treasure my 2 years there so dearly.

Afterward, we were split up into S06 and S03 & Arts, with the S06-s moving off to the ISH to collect their results while the rest of us collected ours in the MPH. The original plan was for the men to collect my results with me after which I'd go with them to the ISH to get theirs, but I guess the spirit of the moment was just too great a force for any plans made before and they ended up following the stream of Physics kids out the MPH, leaving me to collect my results alone. :(

Okay, not entirely alone. That would discount the existence of my class friends haha well they are great and all but I guess it is quite telling that I much prefer to be with the men in this momentous ~experience~ haha. It was quite nice seeing all my classmates again, though. Our class isn't bonded so I haven't seen them since 26 November 2015, the day of our last H2 paper. My parents also appeared (turns out they were hiding in the MPH, while the other parents had to wait in the ISH hahaha) and it contributed to my nervousness!

The line to collect our results went from last to first, so I received my results quite early on. However, I told Mrs Kwie not to show it to me and place the slip of paper with instructions such that it covered my grades hahaha. I guess I was just buying time. Also, I felt a bit weird knowing my results way before many of my friends did (they were all in the front of the register) so I decided to open my results slip along with them!

It took quite a while but finally, I pulled out the results slip from the clear plastic folder. A string of As appeared and then, I saw the D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was beyond elated but had to control my excitement (from the experience of H1 Chinese when I very inappropriately expressed my joy which probably seemed very insensitive). However, Mama Wee literally jumped and exclaimed "Woohoo!" LOL and Ernest happened to be standing nearby. But it was pretty cool, everyone nodded and said they "did all right" (probably reflects how close we are lol) and that was the end of discussion. We went around talking to various teachers, thanking them (of course) and just catching up with what they have been up to (aka how their current students pale in comparison to us HAHA jk). I got to talk to Mrs Kwie, Ms Soh and Ms Hor, which was really lovely. Ms Soh and Ms Hor especially, they really took it upon themselves to be awesome teachers and cared for us as students and as people, too. :)

Then, I went to talk to Chow for a while before catching up with the men at the ISH. While I was still in the MPH, Qing Kai called me to ask how my results were, and I mumbled a very noncommittal "ok la" because I was in the middle of talking to Ms Hor. I think he interpreted that as bad news so when the men were walking toward me (we fixed to meet near the pull-up bars), seeing my trying-to-look-defeated face, they really believed I didn't do well and "were prepared to ditch [me]" 😒

Their faces though, when I showed them my results slip 😂 Peter and Ali (and Wang Pei) got straight As and H3 Merit, and Avartar just Passed, so in a sense I beat them all hehehehehe. The unbelief and incredulity on their faces was so priceless, I savour that memory to this day. Finally, the Woman proved herself Not That Dumb After All. I guess this satisfaction comes from the fact that I know I am not as bright as them and it sort of gave me the license to be satisfied over my achievement? Haha, and partly because we are so tight, these petty things really don't matter and we can be honest with our feelings. Oh, but Ali was like "I don't want to talk to you already you did better than me" HAHAHAH. And of course, many "If I took H3 Econs [and not Physics] I also can get Distinction" "No la Physics is so much harder than Econs lor" "Cheat lah Econs so easy" followed HAHA I love them to bits, and it was a great day for Ms Wee :>

We went into the ISH so Alison could take photos with his mom and his entourage, where I learnt that his mom's friend had accompanied him all the way up to his Civic Tutor's table and shouted "Wah! Long zhong A ah!!!" when she saw his results LOLOLOL that story was (one of) the highlights of my day man. We also met Nic and took photos before leaving for the SAC to get our results slips Certified True Copied. Hung around school for a bit, talked to a bunch of other people (and called up Grandma and Hansol) before leaving for City Hall with the men for Tim Ho Wan dinner! Then it was a mad rush to the Esplanade for Beethoven's 9th~ (which didn't go as well as I hoped but wasn't disastrous enough to spoil the joy I had from the whole day)

Thank God for an amazing Raffles experience- the friends I've made, teachers I've learnt from, trials I've grown from and experiences I will never forget all sweetened with good results to top everything off.

I would give (almost) anything to repeat this day.

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